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“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”Peter Drucker



Welcome to Lloyd Anderson Consulting Division. We offer a “one stop shop” service for dealing with all our customers’ consultancy needs in Management, Human Resources Development and Marketing.

As a company headquartered in London, we are committed to providing the “best industry standard solutions” for businesses to gain the much needed competitive advantage in their local, regional or international operations. As an international company we service clients in UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle Eastern countries. Our commitment is to build long term relationship with our diversified portfolio of clients ranging from MNC firms to small and medium organizations.

We understand that the need for “practical solutions” has become all the more apparent in the context of present global recessionary trends. In these challenging times, we are committed to designing, developing and delivering “cutting edge” consultancy frameworks, those that “really work” for our clients. Our consultants with years of professional expertise in diverse public and private sector entities can help create the right synergy between your people, processes and technology and create positive value additions for your organization.

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We believe in working through collaborative partnerships with our clients. We listen, understand, suggest and deliver measurable results for all our clients to ensure highest levels of satisfaction.